Sphero Racetrack

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Our Sphero racetrack turned heads at the MAKE: Hardware Innovation Workshop, held at Xerox PARC last month.

Using Adam and Sam’s adapted control system with Nintendo 360 controllers, players faced off against each other and the clock. (Adam implemented Version 1 of this system at MEGA Startup Weekend back in April, where we first met the Sphero team.)

They guided the robotic balls through bottlenecks, around tight turns, and over a bridge – each aiming for a spot on the High Scores board.

Like all of our projects, we built the racetrack 100% at TechShop SF, where we received lots of friendly guidance about the stain and varnish. With Iteration 1 complete, we found a few kinks to iron out: future versions will have a grippy surface and a bigger playing field.

Tools used: bandsaw, belt sander, Dremel, heat gun, and assorted small implements.

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