Amend-O-Matic StampMobile

In late October, ProtoTank pitched in to finish Ben Cohen’s mobile political-commentary Rube Goldberg machine, the StampMobile (as seen in Wired). If you catch it in the wild, be sure to give it a whirl: just snap your dollar into one of the magnetic carts and watch it zoom through the world’s most progressive carousel, to be stamped with one of several anti-hegemonic rallying cries.

“Stamp money out of politics!” declares one slogan. “Corporations are not people,” reads a sign that pops up as your cart barrels past. Bells jangle, wheels clatter, and painted mouths spew dollars into the air. (It’s quite a spectacle.)

This beast was born at a hackerspace in Oakland, where Alan Rorie completed the bulk of the construction. As its debut neared, however, the amount of work left to do had Ben and his team swamped. We were called in at the eleventh hour to help complete it, and just before midnight on the third day, victory was declared; Ben steered it out of the industrial lot and down the highway to LA, where it performed the next afternoon.

Adam, Ryan, and Sam tinker away on the StampMobile.

Completed October 2012.

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